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EDM 310 Blog Post 16

                      EDM 310 Final Reflection

EDM 310 Blog Post 5 Part 2

     There have been many assignments in this class that have really shown me what PLN's are all about.  By using the various tools I've been given I went from not having any idea what PLN's were, to having a better grasp and growing knowledge of them.  I've commented on my fellow classmates blogs, children all around the country and educators blogs alike and learned form each of them.  This knowledge is something that would not have been there for me to reach without PLN's.

     My PLN :

1.  My fellow classmates that are also enrolled in EDM 310 this semester have given me great points of view on constructive ideas in my work.

2.  My teachers and lab assistants have commented on my work throughout the course and given me guidance throughout the semester have helped me out tremendously.

3.  The various teachers and students who's blog post I have read and commented on throughout the semester has showed me what it means to teach in this day and age and what it means to be a student now.  This has been in my opinion the most powerful.

Throughout the course Blogger has been the most influential ways for me to access my PLN.  Blogger serves as the main hub for my classmates blogs and also for mine.  By using this valuable tool I am able to view and comment on my various classmates ideas on the multitude of assignments we have been given throughout the course.  I'm hoping to continue to build my PLN and hope it encompasses more ideas to help me grow.

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EDM 310 Blog Post 13

For Literature / English majors, write a blog post concerning why you believe it is important for students today, who are in a constantly changing technological landscape, to know how to write proficiently and enhance their skills.

     I believe that it is important for students today to write proficiently for various reasons.  Although the landscape of the world is changing to a more technological society, writing skills are still crucial.  Teachers need to make it a priority to have their students know the importance of learning and developing writing skills.

Cannot Send Email From Outlook

     In the world that students are being brought up in today, which is shifting more and more to technology through the various forms of social media and other sources, it is still paramount that we instruct students how to write well.  When is the last time that we have taught students how to write and email correctly or fill out other forms associated with job applications? While it may seem to students that writing papers may be time consuming and pointless, it is a way to set students on the right path for writing.  People may use social media and find that it is okay for the usage of incorrect grammar and spelling, but this is only handicapping your writing ability.  I think that it is important for them to know that this way of writing is unacceptable and develops bad habits for the future.  Jobs can be won or lost in the way that someone writes and presents themselves.  It is crucial for them to be able to write eloquently and show themselves off.  Most applications are done online nowadays, and resumes are almost always typed out in print form.  Students need to be prepared so that they can speak with supervisors in a professional manner.  I think it is still a valuable skill to be taught to students how to read and write so they are able to express their ideas in an educated way.

Outlook Message

     Writing is still important in the new age of technology.  Old practices are still being used today it is still greatly important for us as educators to instruct students on the correct way to write so they are able to do so in a real world situation.


C4K Summary: April

First Comment, Mrs. Lombard : Lauren S. "Basketball"

     Hey Lauren, my name is Boston Morgan and I am studying to become a teacher at the University of South Alabama.  Basketball is my favorite sport too.  While I am studying to be a teacher I also want to coach basketball.  I think that it is great that you like Russell Westbrook, he really is an incredible player that helps his team out a lot.  I'm glad that you're passionate about basketball and hope that you continue to have fun playing the game.

     In this post the student talked about their favorite sport.  I made a connection with what  she liked and encourage her to follower her passion.

Second Comment, Ms. Thomas : London

          Hey London, my name is Boston Morgan and I'm studying to become a teacher at the University of South Alabama.  I think you gave a fantastic definition and then an example of what kindness should be.  Speaking from experience I can tell you that it is always important to be kind and stand by those closest to you.  I think the way you explained it was wonderful.

     The student London was asked to comment on what she believed kindness to be.  I really thought she did a wonderful job of defining what she thought kindness was.  Then I wanted to remind her that it is always important is life to be kind to others.

Third Comment, Mrs. Lombard : Lauren S.

Hey Lauren, my name is Boston Morgan and I am studying to be a teacher at the University of South Alabama. I think that your idea of a food truck is great. You bring up some great points on why it would be a fun business to own. I especially like your idea of selling desserts too.

     In this post the students were asked to comment on what business they would open.  Lauren commented that she would like to have a food truck as her business.  I commented on what I liked about her post and her ideas when it came to her selected business.

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EDM 310 Blog Post 12

What assistive technologies are available to you as a teacher? Select a few and
discuss how they may be useful to you.

     In the video Assistive Technologies for Vision and Hearing Impaired Children I found out that there are all types of technology available for me as a teacher.  The first key thing that you must do with any student that is impaired or not, you have to encourage them.  You have to push their boundaries and remove any sort of barriers that may be presented to them.  One thing that I noted from the video was just how many children are diagnosed with impairments.  The number of children that have vision or hearing impairments in Australia for example was informative for me.  What I took from this video in general was that all students need encouragement and that as teachers we are responsible for an enormous part of it.  There are all sorts of tools and devices that are available to nurture these students and further their learning.

     Before watching the video, I had never heard of a Mountbatten.  It allowed for feedback immediately while also producing the braille for the student.  It gives both audio and tactile feedback.  This type of machine would be perfect for a regular day classroom.  When the student types, the mimic converts it to print and projects that onto a screen.  It gives the student the ability to work with group projects and actively participate in group projects.   I think that this is a fantastic tool for any classroom.  This knocks down any barrier for blind students because they are now able to participate with their fellow students and teacher more than they previously have been able too.  This is definitely a wonderful tool.

     After watching the video iPad Usage for the Blind I had somewhat mixed feelings.  When I first watched the video I believed that the technology was very difficult in order to manage.  However I think that with a bit of time and effort it would give those with a vision impairment the ability to master this technology.  While I think that giving people with vision impairment the ability to and access to technologies is key in today's learning era, we must also make sure that they are able to use it correctly and efficiently.  Throughout this course I have seen that students of all ages are using and mastering technologies in classrooms.  The ability to give those who are blind the ability to also use these technologies will help them continue to learn and grow and keep them on par with their fellow classmates.  I would just want to make sure that they are able to master this technology so they are not at a disadvantage.

iPad Air

     Viewing these videos has helped me become more aware of the technologies that are available to me as a future educator.  I think that these technologies should be used and implemented as soon as possible.  The more we are able to invest in students the more we are able to help them learn and grow.  We need to encourage those with impairments to continue following their goals and guide them along the way.


C4T 3

John Spencer : Sometimes Quantity is Better than Quality

     This post spoke about how students you constantly attempt something and work on it in order to improve themselves.  By moving through the failures we are able to then make progress in our learning.  My comment pertained to this information.

     When I first saw the title of this blog post, I wasn't quite sure what to think.  After reading it however I must say I could not agree with you more.  I find that repetition can help with almost anything.  The idea that people will try something and become discouraged after they see failure resonated true to me.  Its not until after you push through the initial lapses do you really start to make progress.  You sometimes just have to sit and grind something out until you finally are able to understand it or see what must be done.  I think that this is  a lost art today, with most people simply wanting something to be handed to them or quit rather than work hard for something.

John Spencer : That's Not Why We Make Things

     This post pertained to the ideas of why we as humans create things and why project based learning is important today.  The post spoke about how this idea of learning is fading fast and that it is important.

     I think that you are spot on with your idea here.  Creating things with your own bare hands makes something much more valuable to you than other ways.  You have the right idea that the creative element of a project makes it that much more important to a student.  The joy of being able to make something that comes from yourself not only engages you more, but helps you to learn as well.  I think that learning today is focused to much on just teaching the material and then sending the students on to the next thing and not giving them the ability to really create.  I think that more teachers should encourage their students to be creative and to use project based learning.